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My G Ltd. provides UK Immigration solutions to private individuals and businesses. Our immigration adviser has over 16 years of experience and offers immigration services to those in the UK and overseas.

Founded in 2005 we take pride in what we do, operating with trust and integrity. My G LTD operates in the best interest of our clients providing the best possible immigration solution based on your needs, fairly priced, and delivered to timescales designed to help you with a stress-free application process.

My G Ltd., specialize in providing Immigration Solutions to Individuals and Businesses in the UK including clients overseas. Salisbury provides an ideal setting to reach major surrounding towns and cities. We're fortunate to enjoy repeat business and ongoing referrals from existing clients satisfied with our professional experience both in the UK and overseas, allowing us to support clients from the very beginning of their Immigration journey all the way through to receiving their citizenship. 

We look forward to helping you soon. 

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How we work - bringing people together

Our aim is to bring people together through an effective immigration process.

To help us achieve our aim, we will work very closely with you. For individual (or private) visa services, we ask that you provide our immigration adviser all the supporting documentation in its original format where possible for any consultations or meeting. This will help speed up your visa application process.

Whether we are helping you as an individual or a business, any consultations required will be charged at our hourly rate. If you chose to then appoint our immigration adviser (Marc Gibson) at My G Ltd as your legal representative we will always deduct the cost of your consultation from any remaining fees if appointed within 14 days of your consultation. 

Many clients prefer communicating with us using email or via the telephone. For those with complex cases, we can offer one-to-one (in person) contact with our registered Immigration Adviser Marc Gibson.

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Working in partnership with business clients

Our existing business clients' will agree that when we work with businesses to find their immigration solutions, we like to work in partnership. 

In supporting businesses, we help obtain and manage Employer Sponsorship Licences, visa applications and business visas. 

We commit to providing a dependable, efficient professional immigration and HR solution designed for any size business. 

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  • Marc Gibson

Marc Gibson

Registered Immigration adviser / Company founder

Marc founded My G Ltd in 2005 and originally operated as a specialist recruitment firm, supporting nursing and healthcare staff in moving to the UK for work from overseas.

However, following the introduction of the PBS Employer sponsorship from 2008, I saw a gap in the market for providing small businesses with immigration advice & solutions.

As such my firm, of which I am sole practitioner, was restructured and now supports small businesses ranging from 3 to 200+ employees with support with many aspects of their immigration needs, including PBS Employer sponsorship licensing support, visa application services and even support employers overall HR requirements ensuring they always remain fully compliant with the law. Since I restructured the business many of my business clients work in the technology sector, and include IT firms, technology specialists and management consultancy firms.

Additionally, I also undertake some private client work, primarily supporting visa applications, relating to both entry clearance and leave to remain applications.

As a small firm myself I am able to offer my clients a truly personalized service which exactly meets their needs, and I add value to my service by offering each client with a complimentary initial 20 minute telephone assessment, in which we discuss what they are looking for and I highlight my expertise and why I feel I would be the best person to take their case.

Despite the fact that not everyone who receives a free consultation ends up working with me, I feel this is a great opportunity to share my expertise and support my community. I also work throughout my local area supporting small businesses, which may be below the radar of larger immigration firms but are often regularly checked by UK Visa & Immigration, and may not know of their legal responsibilities as an employer. I provide them with regular information on the legal industry and their responsibilities through my website as well as sending out regular newsletters and circular.

I strongly believe offering this advice is a great way to support clients and potential clients, but it is also a big responsibility as I need to ensure that I am always up to date with the latest news and information on my industry so I don't miss advise inadvertently. Therefore, this is a responsibility I take very seriously, and gain undertake courses and subscribe to updates from a number of relevant sources, including NARIC, the Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association (of which I am a member) and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. Many of these organisations offer continuous professional development schemes which I undertake in order to ensure I am working at the very best of my abilities, ensuring that my clients get the very best service when they work with me.

Moving forward I am keen to keep focusing on supporting very specific niche market areas and gain more valuable experience that will better support my clients in the long term. As such I am eager to continue providing a quality, specialist immigration service to my clients and look forward to the challenges that working in this ever evolving market will bring in the years to come.

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