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We are an immigration specialist and registered immigration adviser, guiding and helping you whilst always representing your business interest.

Employers in the UK looking to employ non-EEA nationals will need a UKVI Employer Sponsorship Licence under the government's points based system. There are various types of sponsorship under licence and these include Tier 2 visa, Tier 4 visa and Tier 5 visa. These are then sub-divided into further categories. 

My G Ltd. can advise on the criteria and application process. We can also support your business, including:

  • Compliance Set-Up - In preparation for UKVI sponsorship licence. 
  • Sponsorship Management System - Level 1 user and maintenance services.
  • Guidance on Resident Labour Market tests.
  • Immigration advice arising from prospective new candidates.
  • Full Checking Service of visa documentation and identity card checks for Foreign Nationals.
  • Evaluation of Curriculum Vitae and Job Description for visa purposes.
  • Identifying Standard Occupational Codes against Job Description and Salary.
  • Visa Status Advice for employment.
  • Preparation of Applications for Certificates of Sponsorship.
  • Regular updates regarding important immigration changes affecting your employees and recruitment.
  • Advice on new new opportunities available to employers benefiting from the change in immigration rules.

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Our Business immigration services information sheet

This article is a breakdown of the immigration & visa services we offer to Business users.


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