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Informative articles relating to UK Visa & Immigration issues relating to individual visa applications, PBS Employer Sponsorship license requirements relating to Tier 2 visas, employer compliance and other immigration related matters.  

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Employment Checks

Marc Gibson on Fri 3 Sep


UK Visas & Immigration have introduced further temporary measures to right to work checks until 5th April 2022 due to COVID-19.

How we work for you

Marc Gibson on Thu 14 Jan

Representation of Visa services.

Wither you apply in the UK or outside the UK in all likelihood you will probably need a visa to stay in the UK long term. Selecting the right legal representative is all part of the application process and it's an important one to get right from the start, as changing your legal representative after submitting your application can be costly and time-consuming if you choose to change.  


Marc Gibson on Thu 14 Jan

Consultations are not compulsory as full representation is provided on request 

UKVI Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Policy update

Marc Gibson on Wed 25 Mar

UKVI Coronavirus Policy

The UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) yesterday updated its coronavirus policy. The main headline points are; all leave will be extended to 31 May 2020 for individuals whose current leave expires or has expired between 24 January 2020 and 31 May 2020 any individuals who cannot leave the UK because of travel restrictions or in self-isolation related to coronavirus.

The guidance states:

Those affected must contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team (CIT) to update your records if your visa is expiring or has already expired.

You should provide:

• Your full name (include any middle names)
• date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
• nationality
• your previous visa reference number
• why you can’t return back to your home country"

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy & Guidance

Getting ready to submit your visa

Marc Gibson on Wed 10 Jul

All the basic information you need to get ready when putting a visa application together

EU Settlement Scheme

Marc Gibson on Tue 29 Jan


From 30 March 2019 EU citizens and their families will be able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021, if UK agrees on a trading agreement with the EU.

If your application is successful, you’ll get either settled or pre-settled status.

Family visas getting it right 1st time!

Marc Gibson on Fri 18 Jan

Marriage / Fiancé / Family visa getting it right 1st time!!!

Not only is submitting a family members UK visa confusing, extremely stressful, time-consuming. The UKVI intentionally script their online application guidance so it's vague, difficult to understand and interpret.

The guide explains what you need to consider before submitting your application.       


Post-Brexit Immigration System

Marc Gibson on Wed 27 Sep

A Leaked Home office document gives a clear indication of what a Post-Brexit Immigration system is likely to look like!

Getting the right Legal Representative

Marc Gibson on Thu 13 Jul

When looking for an Immigration Lawyer, Solicitor or Immigration Adviser we always recommend you choose someone registered with OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner), SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), BSB (Bar Standards Board) or Chartered Legal Execs (CILEx Regulation) depending on the level of advice & service you need. As this will dictate at which level of registration your Immigration Lawyer, Solicitor or Immigration adviser will need to have registered too.

When Section 3C leave applies

Marc Gibson on Mon 10 Jul

This guide is designed to help you decide if you currently hold section 3c leave or section 3d leave. If your circumstances are more complex or you are not sure if you hold either types of leave please contact us to discuss and we would be happy to confirm your current status.

Immigration Skills Charge

Marc Gibson on Mon 10 Apr


Immigration Skills Charge - what your paying for?

Under the Immigration Skills Charge Regulations 2017, Employers may pay the Immigration Skills Charge every time they sponsor a worker from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The Immigration skills charge applies to any Tier 2 worker assigned a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) on or after the 6 April 2017 under Tier 2.

The amount “Immigration skills charge” payable will depend on the size of the employers’ organisation and the length of sponsored employment stated on the sponsored workers certificate of sponsorship. 

The skills charge is payable at the same time that you pay to assign a certificate of sponsorship. The Immigration Skills Charge must not be passed on to the worker. The money collected will be used to address skills gaps in the UK workforce.

Who needs to pay the IHS fee?

Marc Gibson on Thu 23 Mar

 (1). who needs to pay the IHS fee?

You don’t have to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge (IHS) if you’re applying from outside the UK for a visitor visa or any other visa that lasts 6 months or less.

You don’t need to use the healthcare surcharge service or get an IHS reference number for your visa application. Instead, you’ll need to pay for any healthcare treatment you receive through the NHS at the point you use it.

English language requirements for Visa applications

Marc Gibson on Mon 6 Mar

Brief explanation of what the minimum application requirements are relating to visa applications where an applicant is required to demonstrate language skills on their visa application. 

TB (tuberculosis) tests?

Marc Gibson on Tue 28 Feb

Information on who needs to submit a TB (tuberculosis) test Certificate? If you are applying from outside the UK and resident in a country on the UKVI TB listed countries you must obtain a TB certificate before you submit your visa.  

Immigration application process step by step

Marc Gibson on Fri 10 Feb

It all starts with a phone call to us it's free, our telephone assessment lasts 20 minutes its specifically designed to allow you time to ask questions which show case our knowledge & experience allowing us the necessary insight into your immigration case & needs, so we can confirm within those 20 minutes we can help you.    

PBS Sponsorship License Renewal

Marc Gibson on Tue 7 Feb

The renew process itself is very simple in fact it only requires you log into your SMS sponsorship license and pay the renewal application fee! However this is only the tip of the iceberg relatively speaking!

Will they Stay

Wiltshire Business Magazine on Fri 16 Sep

Wiltshire Business Magazine have publish an article we are involved in. On the impact of Business Immigration through the negotiation of withdrawing from the EU, and how the new Immigration act 2016 now impacts UK employers HR requirements moving forward.  

Is your company compliant when it comes to illegal working offences?

Marc Gibson on Fri 5 Aug

The Immigration Act 2016 changed this summer, with the aim of tightening the rules around illegal working even further than at before. The purpose is to make it increasingly difficult for illegal immigrants to remain in the country undiscovered.

EU Referendum

Marc Gibson on Thu 21 Jul

EU Referendum:

The result of the referendum on the UK’s membership with the EU on 23 June 2016 and the absence of plans on how to proceed forward following the vote to leave have created enormous levels of uncertainty. Statements from the Home Secretary and Minister for Immigration that future residence rights of EU nationals in the UK will be a matter for exit negotiations with EU have not provided the reassurance required.

Key Requirements All Businesses Need to Follow When Employing Foreign Nationals

Marc Gibson on Tue 10 May

Whether your business employs EU nationals, their Non-EU dependents, foreign students, Non-EU dependents of British nationals or Tiered PBS dependents of sponsored foreign nationals. You must have adequate compliance processes in place to demonstrate your employees have a “right to work in the UK”. You only need a Points Based Sponsorship license if you want to employ Non-EU foreign nationals full-time for more than 30 hours per week.

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