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Advice on preparing your visa application:

visa applications
on Wed 10 Jul


Our Top Tips:


(1) Time:

Give yourself plenty of time to get prepared for your visa application. We recommend to all our clients to start the application process at least 90 days before your existing visa is due to expire if you are already in the UK and for those coming to the UK for the first time, should also give themselves 90 days before travelling to the UK.


(2) Submit before expiry:

Assuming you qualify and able to extend your current visa in the UK. You must submit your application on or before your expiry date. Failure to do so will cancel any continuous rights of leave you may have already acquired on your previous visa application(s). Submitting late can also have a significant impact on your ability to exercise your rights to “Section 3c of the Immigration rules” which allows the visa applicant a right of continuation of their current visa rights under their last grant of leave to the UK. By submitting late it can have a significant impact on your financial circumstances such as a right to continue to work if your previous visa allowed you to work as an example.


(3) Keep your own records:

We recommend to all our clients to hold a hard copy or electronic copy of all documents you intend on submitting 


(4) Find the right help & advice:

If you need help in submitting your visa application, firstly understand what level of advice you need before appointing a legal representative. When choosing an OISC registered adviser there are 3 levels of advice:

Level 1 - advise & Assistance

Level 2 - Case work

Level 3 - Advocacy & Representation

For more information about finding the right Immigration Lawyer or Adviser please read our Blog Find the right adviser or watch our Video 


(5) Do your own initial research:

Do some basic research into which visa application you plan on making and visit the GOV.UK website. There you will find basic information on what you need to do to make a visa application. If you have already been to GOV.UK and find the whole process daunting then give us a call.

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