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How to get a Spouse / Fiance / Partner Visa approved!!

on Fri 18 Jan

Spouse / Fiancé/ Partner Visa applications  

Who are we?


My G Ltd is an Immigration solutions company, I founded My G Ltd in 2005 and were OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner – F200500168) registered company since 2005.


What is a Marriage / Fiancé / Family visa?

All Family settlement visa applications of which Spouse, Fiancé, and long term Partner visa applications all come under the category "UKVI settlement visa scheme" this visa category leads onto settlement once you have completed a qualifying period of up to 5 years and is dependent on your circumstances as to wither you qualify or not.

When you apply to enter the UK for the 1st time under a family settlement visa category you first enter the UK under “entry clearance” by completing a VAF4 application, this application form is found online and accessed by opening up an online account with UKVI using their overseas visa application portal @ visa4uk.

Regardless of subcategory, the core visa application requirements of each subcategory follow the same principle application structure & format; your own personal circumstances dictate which subcategory (Spouse, fiancée or long term partner) you happen to apply under. Only Fiancée visa applications are issued on a shorter visa term of 6 months, as the UKVI expectation is for couples to marry within 6 months of entry into the UK, the other 2 routes are considered over a longer period of 30 months.

UKVI caseworkers consider the following application requirements:

-Applicant & Sponsor are over 18 on the date of arrival to the UK

- Applicant has no convictions or immigration history to indicate a poor character

- Parties have met and in a relationship akin to marriage for 24 months (Long-term Partners)

- Parties intend to live permanently together after marriage

- Adequate maintenance & accommodation without recourse to public funds are available to the applicant until the date of the marriage

- After marriage adequate maintenance & accommodation for all parties and dependents without recourse to public funds including accommodation which they own or occupy exclusively

- Applicant provides an original English language test certificate or provides proof of exemption as a qualifying national of an English 1st language country.

- Applicant must pay all associated application fees that apply.

The above requirements are split into three core application areas:

  • Accommodation
  • Income & Financial sources
  • Relationship eligibility & sustainability

All caseworkers assigned to your visa application will consider any documentation you submit within your visa application that clearly demonstrates you have met the above application requirements.



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How to improve your chances of success.

If you find the whole process of submitting your visa application daunting I can help should you choose to appoint me as your representative throughout the visa process I, (Marc Gibson) can represent you? I will need some documentation from you and anyone else applying with you, this may also include child or adult dependents if you have any applying with you; I only require listed documentation, I request within my quotation to provide a formal written application assessment, should I require anything additional from you this would be confirmed on completion of my application assessment. I ask all clients to pay their professional fees after completion of my visa application assessment into my business client account so I can draw from account as required; this helps to speed up your visa application process and allow me to pay for any search fees or other investigatory requirements so preventing any unnecessary delays in the visa application process. As reassurance to all my clients, I operate a refund policy on all visa applications. So in the event, your application was refused due to my mistake you would receive a refund in full of my professional fees.


Written Application Assessment

As part of the application process I will set up your application case file, taking a copy of all your application documents and retain a full copy of them on file, which you can access should you need too. My written assessment will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your visa application needs, detailing the following:

- A brief outline of your Immigration history (if you have one)

- A brief outline of your Personal circumstances and employment 

- Break down of what immigration rule requirements relate to your application route

- How you met or don’t meet those requirements

- What’s required to resolve and met those requirements

- Additional information required based on your circumstances

- List of all additional documentation & information required to complete & submit 

Following the above will greatly increase your likelihood of application success. You also need to give consideration to the following as well.


Application processing times:

This can be quite varied as it comes down to how much scrutiny the Home office want to apply in your case, including what their capacity is at the time they receive your visa application on average applications takes between 6 – 12 weeks. Also, bear in mind if any delay is caused by the Home office they will not penalise your application decision on this ground, however, if a delay is caused by you, you will likely to be penalised for it.

Personalised Service:

As a Sole Legal Practitioner and a small business, I’m able to offer clients a truly personalized service which meets your needs. As the business owner, I personally add value by providing each client with an initial complimentary consultation in which we can discuss exactly what you are looking for in terms of immigration needs. With over 13 years of experience, I am able to take cases forward with accountability and expertise, knowledge and insight. Operating across the South West, I provide clients with regular information on the legal aspects of the industry and highlight their responsibilities through my website as well as sending out regular newsletters and information circulars. Offering this advice is a great way to support clients and potential clients, and I ensure I am always up to date with the latest immigration news, regulations & information so that you can use my services with confidence.

Giving you confidence in My G Ltd

Through investment in continuous professional development and subscribing to member updates from relevant sources including the Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association of which My G Ltd is a member as well as the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner which is my regulator, I ensure I am cognizant of all the latest facts and professionally skilled in the advice I provide allowing my clients to make an informed decision so you are in control, and can make the correct decision on how your visa application needs should be dealt with and submitted, thus giving you the confidence your application needs are being submitted accurately and correctly whilst giving you the reassurance that all legal compliance obligations have been fulfilled prior to submission.

My Services cover the following areas:

Tier employment routes

EEA nationals & Family routes

All Visitor routes

Family visa routes

Permanent Residence



Our Consultation Services include:

Free Assessment Review callI provide free initial assessments confirming whether your visa application meets UKVI Core Visa Application procedures. Identify areas of potential concern that would require attention prior to submission.


Visa Checking ServiceThis is for anyone who needs to submit a visa application and prefer to do it themselves. This service is very popular with existing long term clients.


Consultations – I can provide 3rd party assessments and case review of existing complex immigration cases, as well as provide full legal representation on a case by case basis.


Full RepresentationI can provide full legal representation of your case needs, which includes completing your application, submitting and dealing directly with the Home office on your behalf.

visit our Facebook page where previous & current clients have kindly provided testimonials with regards to the service I have provided to them for more information visit our facebook page.


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