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Starting the application process with us:


Free application Assessment - It starts with giving us a call on 01373 301194

All potential clients are given a free initial telephone assessment, we ask for details about your application needs, clarify your circumstances and identify potential areas of concern that would need to be addressed when considering your application needs. Before the end of your call, we will take down your address & contact details so we can provide you with a visa application quote at the end of the assessment.


Next step:


If we establish your application needs are more complex than first expected you will be offered to have a consultation with our Immigration adviser (Marc Gibson). Consultations are not compulsory as full representation is given on request. 

Consultations - If your circumstances are not straightforward or complex, you could benefit from us looking over your application needs in more detail providing you with a case review if you have an existing complex case. Previous clients of ours have used this service to understand in more detail the complexity of their cases and evaluate what their options are to best move forward their application needs.

Consultations are chargeable on a fixed fee basis and last for a minimum of 1 hr, should you require longer with our immigration adviser to establish what your application requirements are there would be no additional charge as we don't charge by the hour. As long as you appoint our immigration adviser as your legal representative within 14 days of your appointment we will be happy to deduct your consultation fee from any application work we undertake on your behalf.   


Next step:


Appointing My G Ltd as your legal representative: Within our quote, you will receive the following information:

Visa services letter: This letter tells you in more detail how we will represent you 

Introduction letter Visa Immigration Solutions: Confirms all the service options available 

Quote: Confirms our recommended application route, who will be acting on your behalf, what documentation we require to start your application assessment, and the costs of the application. It also includes our Authority letter and general visa information form to be returned with all requested documents.


Next Step:


We will set up your application case file and provide you with a written application assessment. 

Application case file - We will set up an electronic file that holds a scanned copy of your whole application bundle this consists of all your application documents, all correspondence, and any other general information used to put your application together ready for submission. 

Written Application Assessment: 

As part of the application process, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your application needs this will consist of the following information:

  • A brief outline of your Immigration history if you have one
  • A brief outline of your Personal circumstances, employment
  • Provide a breakdown of any applicable rules which apply to your application needs
  • How you met or don't meet those requirements
  • What's required to resolve and met those requirements 
  • Additional information required 
  • List of additional documentation required to complete your application

Application processing time:

This can be quite varied as it comes down to how much scrutiny the home office wants to apply in your case, including what their capacity is at the time they receive your application. Some application routes for example (Spouse, Partners & Fiancee) have priority services that are charged in addition to the normal application fee. FLR (Further Leave to Remain) applications also offer the same day service but again is charged at a separate rate.  


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