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Our step by step process on representing your Immigration application

on Fri 10 Feb


Selecting the right representative is all part of the application process and it’s an important one to get right from the start, if you are looking for support from an Immigration Lawyer or Immigration adviser changing your Legal representative after submitting your visa application can be a costly process and create further delay within the application process.        

When looking for an Immigration Lawyer, Solicitor or Immigration Adviser we always recommend you choose someone registered with OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) depending on the level of advice & service you require will dictate which level of registration of adviser you will need.

The following link can help you find the right level of advise: Find an Adviser


Starting the application process:

It all starts with a phone call to us:

Free Application Assessment Review call We offer all potential clients a free initial telephone assessment, our no holds barred approach lasts 20 minutes, We use this time to find out as much information about your application needs as possible in order to establish exactly what support you need moving forward. All our potential clients are welcome to ask case specific questions relating to their application needs within our allocated session.

At the start of your call we will ask details about you and provide you with a quote at the end of your session.

Application Quote – We issue out quotes on request and on completion of our Free Application Assessment Review call. Full legal representation is provided on completion of our General Immigration information form & Signing and returning our “Authority letter”.


Next Step: Consultations are not compulsory as full representation is provided on request 

Consultations – If your circumstances aren't straight forward & complex, you could benefit from a 3rd party assessment and case review of your existing complex immigration case. Lots of our previous clients have used our service to simply understand what their options are and how best to move forward with their application needs. Consultations last for a minimum of 1 hour. Our consultations are charged on fixed fee basis so if we need to spend longer than 1 hour with you to fully understand your application requirements we will at no additional cost. At the end of the consultation you’re welcome to appoint us as your legal representative, if you do so within 14 days of your consultation we will be happy to deduct your consultation charge off any case work we undertake on your behalf.


Appoint My G Ltd as your legal representative now on receipt of our quote:


What to expect through the application process?

Once you appoint My G Ltd as your representative throughout the application process Marc Gibson would be your representative. To verify, compile and complete your application. Marc needs some documentation from you and anyone else applying with you, this may also include child/ adult dependants if you have any applying with you;

Marc only requires listed documents within the quotation to provide a formal written application assessment, Marc will confirm in due course all further documentation requirements for your application itself once he receives back your signed terms of engagement.

We ask all clients pay their professional fees after completion of the visa application assessment into our business client account so we can draw from account as required; this helps to speed up the visa application process and allow us to pay for any search fees or other investigatory requirements so preventing any unnecessary delays in the application process. As reassurance to all our clients we operate a refund policy on all visa applications. So in the event your application was refused due our mistake you would receive a refund in full of our professional fees.


Written Application Assessment:

As part of the application process and setting up your application case file, we take a copy of all your application documents and retain a copy of them on file, which you are entitled to access should you need too.

Our written assessment provides you with a detailed breakdown of the application.

it consists of the following:

- Brief outline of your Immigration history (if you have one)

- Brief outline of your Personal circumstances and employment

- Break down of what immigration rule requirements relate to your application route

- How you met or don’t met those requirements

- What’s required to resolve and met those requirements

- Additional information required based on your circumstances

- List of all additional documentation & information required to complete & submit    

Application processing times:

This can be quit varied as it comes down to how much scrutiny the Home office want to apply in your case, including what their capacity is at the time they receive your visa application on average applications take between 6 – 12 weeks. Also bear in mind if any delay is caused by the Home office they will not penalise your application decision on this ground, however if delay is caused directly by you or your representative this likely would be held again you.     

Personalised Service:

As a Sole Legal Practitioner and a small business My G Ltd is able to offer clients a truly personalised service which meets their needs. As the business owner I personally add value by providing each client with an initial complimentary consultation in which we discuss exactly what you are looking for in terms of immigration needs. With over 12 years of experience I am able to take cases forward with accountability and expertise, knowledge and insight.

Operating across the South West, I provide clients with regular information on the legal aspects of this industry and highlight clients responsibilities through my website as well as sending out regular newsletters and informative circulars. Offering this advice is a great way to support clients and potential clients, and I ensure I am always up to date with the latest immigration news, regulations & information so that you can use my services with confidence.

Giving you confidence in My G Ltd

Through investment in continuous professional development and subscribing to member updates from relevant sources including the Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association of which My G Ltd is a member as well as the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner which is my regulator, I ensure I am cognisant of all the latest facts, and professionally skilled in the advice I provide.

Our Service areas I cover:

Tier 1-5 employment routes

EEA nationals & Family dependent routes

EEA Permanent Residence Permits & Permanent Certificates of Registration

All Visitor routes

Family visa routes

Permanent Residence


1st time British passport applications


Click here for a Friendly printable PDF copy: immigration_application_process.pdf

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