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What our Post-Brexit Immigration system is likely to look like under the Tory's

on Wed 27 Sep


The 82-page policy document was published by the Guardian on the 6th September and its commentators have described it as extremely cruel and a reflection of our Governments lunacy about immigration. 

The Document describes the UK as "a tolerant country" open for business and will stay that way. If only this was the case what follows are stripped back rights of EU nationals who arrive both before and after yet to be announced "cut-off" date. The Document reiterates the Governments position in ending free movement rights upon Brexit and outlines a new immigration regime to be implemented in three phases.



To occur before Brexit completes the introduction of a new immigration bill.

Phase 2:

The transitional period will last at least 2 years, during phase 2, the free movement will cease and EU nationals entering the UK will be required to show their passports. In addition, EU nationals who arrive during the transitional period will be required to register with UKVI for permission to reside whilst likely providing biometrics data. 

Phase 3:

Will see the introduction of 2-year visa for skilled EU nationals who are considered valuable to the UK. Whilst the most highly skilled could be offered a visa of between 3 & 5 years. The home office is considering introducing an income threshold for EU nationals in the UK who are self-sufficient, on similar grounds to UK nationals who bring in foreign spouses, and partners. There is a suggestion of significant restrictions imposed on working rights of EU family members and imposing an end to extended family members limiting EU family members entry to only partners & minor children under 18 years old. As yet no detail has been indicated at what stage these changes would be brought in.   

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