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What you can expect from using our consultation service

on Thu 14 Jan

If your circumstances aren't straight forward & complex, you could benefit from a consultation. Consultations are a 3rd party assessment and or case review of your existing application needs. Lots of our previous clients have used our consultation service to simply understand what their options are and how best to move forward with there visa application needs.

Consultations last a minimum of 1 hour, our consultations are charged on a fixed fee basis so should we need to spend longer than 1 hour with you to fully understand your application requirements we will at no additional cost. At the end of the consultation, you'll be given the opportunity to appoint us as your legal representative, you will also be given an additional 14 days from your consultation to appoint us and in doing so we will deduct your consultation charge from any casework cost we undertake on your behalf.

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