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Whats actually required to renew an employers PBS Tier Sponsorship License

on Tue 7 Feb

UK based Employers:


Wither you are a PBS Tier 2 Sponsorship License holder since 2009 or 2013. Likelihood is you will have already received notice from the Home Office that you need to renew your PBS Tier 2 or 5 Sponsorship license by April 2017 regardless if this is your first or second renewal period, there are a few things you need do before paying your renewal fee?      


The renew process itself is very simple in fact it only requires you log into your SMS sponsorship license and pay the renewal application fee! However this is only the tip of the iceberg relatively speaking!


Since the Home office provides 4 months’ notice their expectation is very high that businesses renewing their PBS Sponsorship license need to demonstrate they have completed an internal audited against their business compliance obligations demonstrating their current compliance HR systems, including recording & reporting processes are accurate and up to date with current UKVI employer guidance. Any UK Businesses, who fail to demonstrate this correctly, would result in losing their PBS Tier Sponsorship license on expiry of their license if they have not submitted within time.    


Compliance areas UKVI consider:


- How you record & report

- Company info (snap shot of your business now)

- Audit against information already held by UKVI

- Define “Review Procedures” based on your compliance needs relating to business size & change

- Maintain & Update final bundle information “on what info is held by UKVI”

- Review your Authorised user and level users

- Report all changes before submitting a renewal application

- Up date all Compliance HR Support system before submission


The Home office mainly renews PBS sponsorship license applications on completion of an on-site audit, assuming you haven’t previously been audited over the last license period. However that doesn’t guarantee your company will be exemption of being audited again before a renewal application decision has been made. Once the process of application renewal has been made, the Home office only provides 7 days on request to submit additional documentation so you could find you have insufficient time to collect & submit further documentation if you haven’t already undertaken an internal audit.


As long as you have submitted your PBS Tier 2 Sponsorship License renewal within time your license continues as business as usual until a decision has been made on the license renewal. We recommend submitting as early as possible as in the event your renewal wasn’t successful within your current license period you can resubmit a renewal again, however if it has already expired you would need to make a fresh PBS Tier 2 Sponsorship License application which could have a significant impact on your business needs if you currently sponsor Non EU nationals.     


Application processing times:


This can be quit varied as it comes down to how much scrutiny the Home office want to apply in your case, including what their capacity is at the time they receive your renewal application on average applications take between 4 – 12 weeks. Also bear in mind if any delay is caused by the Home office they will not penalise your renewal application decision on this ground, however if a delay is caused by your business you are likely to be penalised for it.    


Immigration compliance is of huge importance to PBS Sponsorship license renewal. My company supports businesses ranging from 5 to 200+ employees with many aspects of their immigration needs. This includes sponsorship licensing support, visa application services and with their overall HR requirements - ensuring they are always fully compliant within Immigration rules.

Printable copy: sponsorship_license_renewal_article_feb_2017.pdf

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